Step 1 - Select a background for your child's Easter Bunny Letter

The first step in creating the perfect Easter Bunny letter is to choose the right stationery to frame the message to your child. With our large selection, you can match your child's letter background to their personality. Just click on a picture to see a larger preview.

KidsBelieveLetters Stationary Catalog

Card ID: 3128
Stars and Basket

Alt Card ID: 3129
Floppy Ear Bunny

Card ID: 3130
Bunny Hugging Eggs

Alt Card ID: 3131
Classic Egg & Bunny

Card ID: 3132
Waving Bunny

Alt Card ID: 3133
Hatching Chick

Card ID: 3114
Colorful Eggs

Alt Card ID: 3115
Happy Easter Stationary

Card ID: 3116
Cartoon Easter Bunny

Alt Card ID: 3117
Hatching Bunnies

Card ID: 3118
Easter bunny with eggs

Alt Card ID: 3106
Bunny on a swing

Card ID: 3107
Bunny with a ray of light

Alt Card ID: 3108
Juggling Easter Bunny

Card ID: 3109
3 Easter Eggs

Alt Card ID: 3110
Stuffed brown Easter Bunny

Card ID: 3090
Rainbow and Eggs

Alt Card ID: 3091
Clouds and Eggs

Card ID: 3092
Faded cross and Pink Easter Egg

Alt Card ID: 3067
Cross and Easter Eggs

Card ID: 3068
Chocolate Eggs and flowers

Alt Card ID: 3069
Golden Egg

Card ID: 3070
Hatching Chick

Alt Card ID: 3071
Red Egg with Lily

Card ID: 3072
Easter Bunny & Basket

Alt Card ID: 3006
Colored Easter Egg

Card ID: 3008
Large Easter Bunny with eggs

Alt Card ID: 3009
Purple eggs and Happy Easter sign

Card ID: 3010
Blue egg with Easter Lilies

Alt Card ID: 3011
Blue bunny coming out of eggs

Card ID: 3012
Large jellybean pattern

Alt Card ID: 3013
Cross and Lily

Card ID: 3014
Chick in basket with eggs

All of our stationery selections are printed on high quality linen paper. This gives it the authentic feel as being a real letter from the Easter Bunny. Trust us, the kids can tell the difference!

We offer two sizes of letters:

Giant Letters are $ 8.00 - Standard Letters are $ 6.00

Giant Letters   Regular sized letters


Every letter includes your choice of certificate with raised gold foil seal.

Egg Hunter Certificate Eggscellent Behavior Certificate Bunny Buddy Certificate

You'll choose the certificate in Step 4 as you complete the options for the letter.